Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's Wrong With Being a "Realist"?

"Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity." -Will Smith 

So what's wrong with being a "realist?"  Well, nothing, if you're willing to settle for average.   
Let that sink in for a minute.  If you'd rather not settle for mediocre, you've got to be willing to be unrealistic.  If you want a better than average life, you've got to have a bigger than average vision of what's possible, a stronger than average desire to make it a reality, and a harder than average work ethic.  I know plenty of people with great work ethic and strong desire to live a better than average life.  They work exceptionally hard.  Unfortunately, though, they're working hard at what feels realistic for them.  They're afraid to commit to a strong belief in what's possible.  They're afraid  to believe in a possibility without knowing HOW to get from point A to point B.  But nothing great happens without someone first choosing to believe that it is possible... no matter how improbable. 

Did you know that Will Smith got into MIT, but decided not to go in order to pursue his rap/TV career?   Is this the choice of a realist? People thought he was CRAZY to choose Hollywood over an education that could offer him the hope of a high paying job.  But Will had a strong belief in what was possible for him, coupled with the desire and the work ethic to make it possible. What would his life be like today had he chosen to be a realist?

Believing in what's possible is a choice.  Think about the life you desire for yourself.  Take a minute to breathe in that vision of your dream life and allow it to bring a smile to your face.  Got it?  Now CHOOSE to believe that it is possible for you.  You don't have to know HOW, but choose to believe that this vision you hold for your life is a forgone conclusion. Belief alone is not enough, but it is absolutely essential.

Without belief in what's possible (no matter how improbable), work ethic and desire will only take you to what's "realistic."  And  that's what's wrong with being a realist!

Here's the youtube video that inspired this post.  I hope it helps you to choose something "unrealistic" to believe in for yourself!

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